manufacturer: Luceplan

Designer: Daniel Rybakken. 2017.

The Amisol project is about making a pendant light that occupies a large physical space with a minimal physical volume, for easy orientation in space. A translucent white fi lm or a metallized mirror membrane is stretched inside a circular aluminium profile. Like a solar sail, an incredibly powerful light source projects a beam of light onto the large, almost weightless disk, either diffusing or reflecting the light. Thin rods connect the two main elements together. By altering the length and the connecting points of the two supporting wires the rotation of the disk can be set in any angle.

Model: D91S
Material: aluminium body  structure, plastic shader
Dimensions: disk dia. 29.5”/ 43.3” – Hmax 118”
Structure Finishes: light get
Diffuser Colour: gold
Light Source: LED 52W, 3000K, CRI 80, dimmable

The information above refers to the products currently installed at The Adelaide Project. Please visit to see other outputs and finishes available.

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