manufacturer: XAL

1 3/4″ round or square recessed trimless fixture, made of extruded aluminum, available painted gray, white or black. Suitable for installation into plaster ceilings 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″. Aperture can be manually adjusted to three different positions at any time to achieve a fully recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted look. Medium flood beam spread, available in 2700K CRI > 80 or 3000K CRI > 80 color temperature. Various dimming options 0 - 10V, Hi-lume 3D digital DIM. Fixture comes with LED lamp head with specified conduit length and gypsum mounting plate. Order driver LED converter box separately.

The information above refers to the products currently installed at The Adelaide Project. Please visit to see other products available.

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