manufacturer: XAL

9 13/16″ wide cone-shaped luminaire housing made of plastic. Elegant suspended luminaire with matte black soft-touch surface. Pivot-mounted luminaire head up to 360° rotatable and up to 180° tiltable. Homogeneously illuminated, satinized PMMA cover. Pre-cut rod suspension, field-adjustable rod length. Feed-in cable and black J-box cover included. Energy-efficient LEDs, color temperature consistency to an initial ≤ 3-step MacAdam ellipse in 27 K, 30 K or 35 K with high color rendering CRI > 90. Minimum 80% lumen maintenance (L 90) after 40,000 operating hours, converter included. Leading- or trailing-edge phase dimming options available. Protection class IP 20, PC I.

The information above refers to the products currently installed at The Adelaide Project. Please visit to see other products available.

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