Previous Next Counterbalance manufacturer: Luceplan Designer: Daniel Rybakken. 2012. An object that seems to defy the laws of physics. Positioned as desired in space, the essential Counterbalance LED lamp, with its position variation, suggests the dynamic equilibrium of a sculptural mobile. Equipped with a fluid balancing system using gear wheels, the counterweight compensates for the […]

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Previous Next Stochastic manufacturer: Luceplan Designer: Daniel Rybakken. 2016. Composed of glass spheres at different heights, Stochastic takes on infinite combinations in a sort of controlled freedom: each sphere is connected to small steel rods of different lengths that can be attached to the structure according to your own creative impulses. The light source –

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Previous Next Amisol manufacturer: Luceplan Designer: Daniel Rybakken. 2017. The Amisol project is about making a pendant light that occupies a large physical space with a minimal physical volume, for easy orientation in space. A translucent white fi lm or a metallized mirror membrane is stretched inside a circular aluminium profile. Like a solar sail,

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Previous Next Hope manufacturer: Luceplan Designer: Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto. 2009. Incredibly light and easy to dismantle, Hope revives the magic of traditional chandeliers, reinterpreted with sophisticated modern technologies and contemporary materials. The thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses multiply the light, creating a pleasant, sparkling and festive atmosphere. Model: D66/42 Material: transparent olycarbonate prismatic

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Previous Next Compendium manufacturer: Luceplan Designer: Daniel Rybakken. 2014. The Compendium suspension is an essential, elegant lamp that spreads an ample quantity of light on surfaces. It is versatile, for direct downward or indirect upward lighting, adjusted by rotating the reflector at the time of installation. Linear and tee joints make multiple compositions possible. The

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